Word of the Week: 11th January 2021

The word of this week is ‘tea’! I chose this word because I love drinking tea. It is a stereotype that British people love tea, but for me and many others it is true! Here are my favourite types of tea (not in order):

  1. Earl Grey: this is black tea with bergamot oil. It’s named after a British Prime Minister!
  2. Spearmint: I use the dried leaves and a teapot.
  3. Empress Grey: like Earl Grey with extra citrus.
  4. Chai: black tea with tasty spices such as cinnamon, fennel, and cardamom. Yum!
  5. Camomile: I use the dried flowers and drink this relaxing tea before bed.

Here is some tea vocabulary:

Tea cup: a small cup to drink tea from.

Saucer: the small plate that goes under the teacup.

Mug: a big cup, normally used without a saucer.

Teaspoon: a small spoon for stirring tea or adding sugar.

Teapot: A pot with a lid, handle and spout for making tea.

Tea cosy: a jacket for your teapot to keep the tea inside warm.

Teabag: a bag of dried tea leaves or tea powder which goes in your cup or pot. Just add water!

Strainer: a little metal sieve which collects loose tea leaves (i.e. not in a teabag) so they don’t go in your cup/mug.

To brew: to make tea by mixing the leaves/ teabag with hot water and leaving it for a bit.

A cuppa/ brew: a cup of tea

Kettle: a type of pot for boiling water. Most British houses have an electric kettle in the kitchen.

The most common type of tea to drink in England is black tea from a teabag, and we usually drink it with milk. I like to drink it with a lot of milk! It’s good with a bit of lemon juice, too. It’s common to drink it with sugar, too. When someone comes to my house I always offer them a cup of tea (or a ‘cuppa’). Here’s how the conversation generally goes:

Me: “Would you like some tea/ a cuppa?”

Them: “Yes, thanks!”

Me: “How do you take it?”

Them: “Milk and two sugars (=two teaspoonsful) / milk no sugar/ a dash (= a bit) of milk and one sugar, please.”

Then we both enjoy some tea! 🙂

Note: the word ‘tea’ also refers to food! ‘Afternoon tea‘ is a lovely meal you eat at between around 3.30 and 5pm. It is often tea (the drink) with scones, cakes and sandwiches. In some parts of Britain ‘tea’ is the evening meal- what others (including me) call ‘dinner’.

Do you like tea? If you do, do you have a favourite type? Do you prefer tea or coffee? Have you ever tried afternoon tea?

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